about me

In a nutshell:
Married to my best friend since 2004, mother to a sweet little girl born in January '08 and a handsome little boy born in July '10! I love to organize and take pictures; but most of all I LOVE sports, especially baseball!
After being a USMC family for 8 and half years, we are starting over on a new adventure away from the military.

Our Love Story


 If you care for more:
I am a thirty something child of God.
An imperfect person trying to pretend I have it all together.
I deal with anxiety and depression and both of those are pretty hard to swallow when you're a Christian.
I am from the Pacific Northwest and was diagnosed with lupus in 2014.
I love my kids and will do anything for them, but I believe my first priority, after my relationship with God, is my relationship with my husband.
I am passionate about marriages and fighting to preserve the sanctity of them.

And in a play on words:
photography, numbers, indigo blue, snow, mexican food, sun, chocolate, LAUNDRY, vacuuming, walking, pilates, the American flag, family, friends, brand new tennis shoes, scissors, chapstick, pens, address books, calenders, facebook, dimples, quiet golf courses in the early morning and late afternoon, noisy ballparks, spring training, camping, chinese food, pedicures, tanning (horrible I know), 11:11{ I liked it before it was cool ;)}, summer barbecues, winter bundling, Christmas songs, name meanings, NCIS, Bible verses, birthdays, family reunions, little coffee huts, surprises, being in control, Lori Wick, Max Lucado, Og Mandino, John and Stasi Eldredge, italian food, hand sanitizer, bug spray, campfires, white roses, valentine candy hearts, Eagle Fern Camp, long holidays with hubby home, giving stuff away, breakfast sandwiches, 
video games, Boppys, breathmints, water, blue eyes, 
Turtle, Monkey, the Pacific Northwest, baby Oragel, "coincidences", 
diamonds, polo shirts, yoga pants, teapots, yankee candles, monopoly,
……I really could keep going but these are just things that quickly come to mind!