17 November, 2015

It Is Well

Several times a week, I write blog posts in my head while I lay in bed.

I sleep well when I'm sleeping, but not very well when I'm awake. ;)

Unfortunately by the time light hits the windows, the busyness of the day starts and those words never make it out of my head.
I want them to though.

My baby started school over 2 months ago now and there should be at least 20 posts up.
But silence during the quiet moments wins out.

And I am sorry if I sound like a bad parent, but the silence is glorious.

My soul needs it lately.

I volunteer in their classrooms,
I do the housework and the grocery shopping;

But sometimes I just sit and have conversations with God.

"Be still and know."


  1. I miss your blog posts but I understand. You do you...enjoy the silence

  2. Do what you need to do! Hugs!

  3. <3 The silence is sometimes necessary. You do you mama.


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