11 September, 2015

A timeline of 11 years.

Married on September 11th!
Josh left for USMC boot camp.

Got through 10 months of separation.
Moved all the way across the country to our first duty station and home in Beaufort, South Carolina.

Adopted our first "child;" our dog Sydney.
Prepared for our first long deployment: Josh left for Japan in Sept.

Trip home to visit family and friends in OR/WA
In May we discovered we were expecting our first little blessing!
In November we unexpectedly found out that Josh was deploying in 10 days.

Welcomed our beautiful baby girl!
Survived 9 months apart while Josh deployed to Afghanistan.

Celebrated Turtle's first birthday.
More time apart while Josh went to school in VA.
Found out we were pregnant in October!

Finally got orders.
Moved back across the country again to Camp Pendleton, California
Welcomed our sweet baby boy

Prepared for another deployment
Spent more time apart while Josh went to Iraq.
Celebrated Monkey's first birthday.
Reunited just days before our 7th anniversary and the 10th anniversary of the terror attacks.

Flew home to OR/WA for the first time in over 5 years.
Made the decision to get out of the USMC

Became a civilian family.
Moved 3 times.
Mystery illnesses start to invade my body.
Turtle starts Kindergarten
Josh shreds his ankle 6 days before Thanksgiving.

We celebrate 10 years of marriage with our first getaway trip since having kids.
We move again and buy our first home.
I am diagnosed with Lupus.

Josh injures his knee and is out for another 2 and half months.
Monkey starts kindergarten.

We thank God for all He has blessed us with in our 11 years of marriage.
I pray we always lean on Him in good times and in bad,.
We look forward to the many years ahead of us!!

Happy 11 years Babe!!

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