12 February, 2015

There Is Always Enough Room

Back when we had a bigger house, I sent an email out to my family saying I wanted to do Christmas at our house.
It was our year to spend it with my side of the family, but with my husband's job, traveling around Christmas will be next to impossible, so in order to spend it with my family, it was going to have to be at our house.
Well that and I've always wanted to have Christmas at my house since I was little. The military kind of put a damper on that the first 9 years of our marriage though.


Then we bought a house that is barely over 1100 sq ft. And it's not a spacious square footage.
Rooms are cramped.
Seating and sleeping is limited.

But I was determined.

Every time one of my family members saw the new place, every one, (including my husband,) said the same thing:

"You still having Christmas here?"
"You still WANT Christmas here?"
"Are you Crazy?"

Why yes, yes I am.

And looking back at it, yes, yes I was.

But I don't regret it.

There were disagreements,
Scrapes on the walls,
Scratches on our brand new dining room set,
and people piled all over each other sleeping (or not getting to sleep.)

But I didn't regret it.

At all.

It was the first time we had all been together at Christmas in over ten years.
SO we made it happen and we all slept (or didn't sleep) under one roof for a couple of days.

Here are some memories from Christmas!

{It was too warm for a real fire}

 A crazy shot:

 All "16" of us!
 One with my most awesome MIL:
 Grandad, Grandma and 7 of their grandchildren: {My brother and sis in law will be giving them #8 this summer!}
 My parents and the 4 of us kids: (ranging in age 38-23)

 The four of us!
 Us and my MIL:

And if you think this shot is slightly weird.....
You're absolutely right.
It most definitely is!
It's because we were recreating this picture from 1997:

Here's to a ton more at our house in the future!
{Well maybe a future with a bit more square footage!} ;)


  1. These photos are amazing!!!!

  2. How fun!! It's not about the size of a house! It's the size of happiness under one roof!!

  3. How fun! I'm glad you were able to host Christmas!


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