09 February, 2015


The day we signed the papers on our new home, I got a phone call from my mom.

Not the kind you want to get while driving down the road.

My Grandma, (my mom's mom,) had passed away in her sleep.

I have the best grandparents, (on both sides.) And even though they had gotten much older and I haven't got to see them or spend as much time with them in the last 10 plus years, I will forever be thankful for the legacy both sides have left for their families.

My Grandma's health has been pretty bad the last few years, and even though I am so thankful that she is now in heaven with NO pain whatsoever, it still kinda stings a little that what once was, will never be again.
As we sat with many other family and friends, remembering her at her memorial service, one thing stuck out to me the most.
Time and time again someone stood up and mentioned that my Grandma/Grandparents were so hospitable. It didn't matter what time a day it was, or how tight money was, if you stopped by their house, they would welcome you into their home, make sure you were fed and any of your needs were met. They continued to serve others, they knew God would provide.

How many times do I come up with excuses?
How ready and able am I to be like that?

May this smiling face always be a reminder to me to put others first:

SO Glad you're in heaven Grandma!!!


  1. What a sweet post. Today is my grandma's birthday. I'm sure they're celebrating together in heaven!

  2. So sorry about your loss. What a sweet post and a great reminder.

  3. So sorry about your loss. What a sweet post and a great reminder.


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