22 February, 2015

Still That Girl

Based on what I wanted to be when I was growing up, I am living the dream.




Wanted a career.
I wanted to stay home, take care of my own babies and serve my husband with the best of my ability.
I wanted to keep our home in tip top shape, plant flowers and tend to a garden.
I wanted to take my children to school and make sure I was the first smiling face they saw when they got out of school at the end of the day.

Yep, I'm living my dream.

But sometimes I get a little depressed.
All of the main "goals" have been achieved, but there are a lot side dreams that grew along the way, that ended up slipping through the cracks.
There are other things I wanted to accomplish and I've never forgotten about them.
With our lifestyle and how things have turned out with my health, the realization has hit that I just might not get those accomplished and that makes me sad.

{Insert song}

We need the reminder that just because things haven't turned out exactly how we wanted or we haven't accomplished everything that we planned, it doesn't mean it's not going to happen.

And today,
on my 34th birthday,
I know that I'm alive because God isn't finished with me yet.
He still has so much more in store!

17 February, 2015

Best. Day. Ever.

My favorite little girl turned 7 a few weeks ago.
And in case you didn't know this bit of random information, when she was 4 and half,
she planned out all of her future birthday themes out until she was like 15.
Now while I highly doubt her 15 year old self will want a My Little Pony party, she has stuck with her planning to a T for the last 3 years!
So Rapunzel for the 7th it was!!

And she declared it really was the best day ever!!

14 February, 2015

Why Not Today?

We all know my blogging has been MIA/hit and miss for over a year now.
I will never catch up.
But I always wanted to post about our ten year anniversary trip last summer, and I figured that today was a good day to kind of rewind the last 6/7 months.

Last March one evening, I looked at my husband and asked him if we were going to do something special for our upcoming tenth anniversary. Way back when we had our quick cheap wedding, we always talked about renewing our vows and having a kind of a big celebration for our tenth, but now that it was time, that idea really didn't appeal to us anymore. We selfishly wanted to do something for just ourselves.
We threw ideas around, but we both knew we wouldn't have much to spend. I didn't want to let that get in the way though. I really really wanted to do something. Even if it meant staying more local and keeping it simple.
Everyone around here always ends up going to the coast and that's just not our thing. We finally decided on Sunriver/Bend Oregon.
My husband had already picked his vacation times for the year, so we knew we would have to go the last week in July, (even though our anniversary isn't until September,) and I went ahead and just booked the hotel. I knew if I put it off, we would end up not going and I wanted to make sure THAT DID NOT HAPPEN!
We made plans, booked adventures, got a babysitter and I typed up a crazy long list of instructions!
Did I mention that it was only going to be the second time away from our daughter and the first time away from our son??!!
I was SO excited and couldn't wait for the time to pass!!!

Here are some pics from most amazing week: (Sorry for the overload!)

Hitting the road: I was SO excited, you have no idea!!!
See, I was so excited to took a pic of the backseat with no car seats, haha!
 Beautiful Mt Hood:
I Love Oregon!
 And just because Josh was on vacation! ;)
 Because you can't blog about a trip without posting a pic of the bed, duh!
 The view from our room:
 The happiest I was the whole week, finally on the golf course again!!! My foot held up for the most part and the day was so warm and beautiful:
 (I could do without the beard ;) but I love this man so much!!)

 Lost Tracks golf course

 Out for dinner:
 Great food!
 SO so happy!

And it wouldn't be a trip for us without some mini golf:
 Don't you always play some skee ball on your ten year anniversary trip too??
 And go bowling?!

 Not impressed with the food or service here at all, but it looked nice:

Canoeing down the Deschutes:


 The relaxed face of a mom who is taking a vacation from her kids and who just had a massage!

All in all, I didn't sleep well but that's because I never do away from my own bed, and our hotel wasn't that great.
But it was the most relaxing trip ever.
We didn't talk to our kids the whole time.
They didn't miss us and we didn't miss them.
Just goes to show that it was a much needed break on both sides.
It was also one more instance in the realization that the Marcella who used to like rain and cold temperatures, is now a Marcella who loves hot and humid.
It had been almost 5 years since I got to play golf and I picked it up like I never even took a break.
I love it out there on the golf course.

I must say, the only negative from this trip,
Is that I want to do it every year now!