11 September, 2014


We will accept goodies wrapped in tin foil. (Preferably chocolate.)

Every year I look back at that year and sometimes can't even imagine how we made it through. Others make it look so easy sometime.
But we are here.
And I think 10 is a pretty good number to smile about today.

I want to write a perfect post.
I want to write a post to encourage.
I want to write a post to to tell you that the next year will be the hardest.
I want to tell you to marry your best friend.
                     So that no matter now hard you fought that day, you forget by bedtime and treat them like you can't live without them.
I want to tell you that it's going to be oh so very hard sometimes.
I want to tell you that it's going to take away your breath other times.
But most importantly,
I want to tell you to always make room for the most important third wheel in your marriage.

Please don't ever stop fighting.
Please don't ever stop believing.
Please don't let statistics guide your journey.

Please dig down deeper that you've ever dug before to fight for your marriage.

Happy 10th Anniversary my Love!
Thank you for fighting every day with me.


08 September, 2014

B is for Books

Last week Turtle started 1st Grade. :)
So far she is liking the full day, but we've already had a couple days where she didn't have, or take, the time to eat lunch and was pretty cranky and famished by the end of the afternoon.

Here are the First day of School pictures and favorites:

Grade: 1st
Age: 6 and a half
Color: purple (in case you couldn't tell.)
Food: waffles (it's what she was eating when I asked her.)
Thing to so at school: Sit on the purple square on the rug at school.
Thing to play at home: Legos
Movie: Frozen

You can see her on her first day of Kindergarten HERE.