23 August, 2014


On the surface:

You see that mom that seems to have it all together?
Her floors are mopped, everything is neat and tidy in her house, and every speck of laundry is done.

You see that mom that seems to have everything organized.
She never misses an appointment, dates are never forgotten and she's on top of everything.

You see that mom with two kids.
One girl, one boy and she's told; how perfect.

You see that mom that's happily married.
The marriage is perfect and they're the cutest couple, (It kinda makes you sick.)

You see that mom always smiling in the family photos.

Do you know her?

Well sometimes that mom hides secrets.

She's admitted faults and weak point before.
But she's kept the pain of her body giving up on her, because someone else is always worse off.

Then one day she gets a diagnosis.
And that perfection just doesn't mean the same thing anymore....

She has Lupus.

And although right now the prognosis is positive , she know that at any moment her organs could give up, and life might not ever be the same.

SO yeah,
Perfection isn't always what it seems.

11 August, 2014

Laughter in the Field

Today I am struggling.

I am struggling with adulthood and all of the decisions, choices, pains and responsibilities we have.
I just wanted to spend all summer playing outside with my kids, but the decisions we have to make about our future, can no longer be ignored.
Instead of facing them head on and enjoying the challenge, I want to put my head in a hole and pray they go away.

I can't do that.

But I want to.

I want my aches and pains to go away by themselves and I don't want to spend countless hours and dollars on doctors.

But they aren't and I have to.

I am not normally a procrastinator. I usually like to work on the tasks that are in front of me.

But truthfully, right now, I am scared.

I want someone to take me by the hand, tell me it's going to be ok and make the decisions for me.

I want things to be as simple as they are in this field:

I want to remember, that all that is important, is in that picture.

And most importantly, my walk with God.

Nothing else.

It will all work out.

07 August, 2014


I am behind. (What a shocker!)

Our getaway was amazing. (I will hopefully post about it before it's old news.)

And we are so crazy busy right now. (Why is summer almost over?!!)

But today is this guy's birthday and I refuse to let it pass by without acknowledging it.


We'll spend some time celebrating him this weekend in the midst of our crazy schedules.

But in the meantime,

Happy Birthday My Love!!!