14 July, 2014

When you have a birthday in January.

...You get photo shoots in the summer.

I always feel bad for my daughter.
If you look back over the last 4 years, Monkey has all of these awesome outdoor birthday photo shoots, with amazing light and a great temp.
Turtle has "studio" shots with unreliable lighting and wrinkly backdrops.

So this year, when we did Monkey's photo shoot, I had her come along to the field for some quick shots.

Here are a few of my favorites:

{Just like her momma, flowers and messy hair}

{Personal fave}

{This series of photos cracks me up!}

~Thank you all for letting me share my children
  and my passion for photographing them.~


  1. Gorgeous! You're so talented Marcella!!

  2. She is your mini-me!!!! Such a beautiful girl.

  3. Amazing! Seriously.. these pictures are great! Love that series as well!

  4. They are too sweet! And she is SO photogenic!!


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