07 July, 2014

Summer Love

Hi all,
I think I might be back from my unexpected blogging break.

But it's summer, and I'm not making any promises.

I know it's only been two or so weeks, (not counting my pre scheduled Monkey birthday post,) but those two weeks were so jam packed, that it feels like I've been away for awhile.

There is still so much going on the rest of the summer, and I am looking forward to the continued sleeping in, the outdoor kiddie pool parties and my most favorite: Hubby and I's first getaway since having kids, for our 10th wedding anniversary!!!

We have some important decisions at the end of summer, concerning our families future, and I'd rather just sit around drinking homemade smoothies and soaking in the sun, then stress about the future!!

Stay tuned for some catch up.
I hope you're all having an amazing summer!!


  1. i'm so excited to hear about your Summer!!!!

  2. Can't wait to hear the news! :)


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