05 June, 2014

Room for a 4 year old!

The almost 4 year old is in a big boy bed.
It's been a couple weeks now and he is doing great.
I can't believe he is getting so big!

 (His crib set up before he was born:)

(His toddler bed:)

                                                                (His new big boy bed!)

As I write this up, I am reminded I haven't done a walk through of our new place.
Is anyone interested in seeing it?


  1. Aww he looks so happy!!! :) I would love to see your new place.

  2. Look at that big guy! They grow too fast!

  3. We have convertible cribs too and it's nice to see what it looks like all expanded like that! Congrats to everyone! Big accomplishment (and probably more comfy too!) :) Would love to see your new place. :)

  4. Kids do really grow fast. It is so nice watching them growing because it only happens once in life.

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  5. I'm interested in seeing it!!
    And three cheers for convertible baby beds! :)


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