20 June, 2014

Its ok to be bored sometimes

Yesterday my friend and I met up to take our kids to the carnival that just started in town. It's part of the annual Strawberry festival that takes place near here.
The problem was, the website was wrong, and we were there 4 hours before it was actually going to open. :(

Needless to say, they were bummed at first, but we ended going to find other adventures, and had a super fun filled day in spite of.

This morning, my daughter woke up and immediately asked what the plan was for the day. I told her not much, we had a couple of errands, but otherwise no plan.
She then immediately started asking for another play date, or another trip to a park.
I told her no.
She got upset.

Kids get so used to having the everyday busyness of school, that they expect it to continue through the summer.
I know so many parents that freak out about having to schedule events all summer long to constantly keep their kids stimulated.
Not us.
I have decided that my summer moto will always be, (through high school): "It's ok to be bored sometimes."

Kids need to learn to use their imaginations and it's not going to happen if they are constantly in front of the tv, or have events scheduled for them all the time.

It's ok to be home with nothing to do.

I think adults should try it too...

Because it's ok to be bored sometimes.


  1. Today is our boring day! Literally just sitting outside doing nothing

  2. You know I agree with this! Kids these days have too much structure all the time- bored is good!

  3. I love this. Especially as an adult. That means your to do list is in theory done. Lol.


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