10 June, 2014

Home Sweet Home (The 4th edition)

8 months ago I finally got to unpack our boxes.
It was a long time coming.
And even though this house was in picture perfect order in less than a week. I kinda forgot to post photos.
We're just going to accept that I don't have time to edit or crop right now.
But here you go:
Our current residence:

 (The kitchen is like 3x the sz of the one in Cali) <3 br="">

Hope you enjoyed the tour!  (not pictured: the half bath downstairs, the garage, outside pics.)

I have pics somewhere of the front and back yards, but I haven't had a chance to block out our address.
So just imagine a pink house with a purple front door. (not joking)
I blame our daughter, that's what she prayed for! ;)


  1. Looks great!!! And props to you for getting it unpacked and picture perfect so quickly!

  2. I love your home! It's beautiful! :)

  3. Your house is amazing! I think i might be in love with your washing machine too :)

  4. What a perfect place to call home :)


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