28 May, 2014

The Day After (I can't imagine.)

Yesterday morning, as I was washing dishes in front of our kitchen window, I saw a government vehicle pull up in front of the house across the street and two men in uniform got out. My heart immediately sank and my eyes filled with tears.

If you've been a military spouse, you've known that feeling of always worrying about that knock at the door.

Turns out, they were only recruiters coming to talk to our neighbors.
It doesn't matter though.
The former happens a lot and families have their lives shattered in just moments.

This week, people are putting away their flags and changing their profile pictures back.
The supportive thoughts, prayers and remembrances will be boxed away until next year.
Pushed to the back of the mind and innocently forgotten as lives go back to normal after the holiday weekend.

But can you imagine what it's like for those families that have lost a loved one?
Can you imagine how they feel the day after Memorial Day when everyone goes back to their daily routine?
They don't get their loved ones back on Tuesday.
They have to live without them EVERY SINGLE DAY.

All they want is their loved one to be remembered every day. Not just one or two days a year.

Some might think this blog post is overkill.
Some may think there was too many Memorial Day posts over the weekend.

But I don't want these families forgotten.
I don't want the service member remembered only once in awhile.

Please put your flag up year round.
Please look at it every day.
Please remember.

Please let the family members know that their loved one didn't die in vain.

Not just the last Monday in May.

But every day.



  1. I told Gene the one thing I want at our next house is a place to hang our flag up outside. Sure, we're super patriotic as a military family, and living on base in a foreign country is going to be super patriotic, but it's something I want to get into the habit of showing more!

  2. Back when my husband and I were at Ft. Drum and he was deployed, I witnessed a black government vehicle pull up, two uniformed officers get out, and then walk across the street. That feeling of dread and relief is one that I will never forget.

    Karen @ And Then We Laughed


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