20 May, 2014

Random Tuesday

I decided to skip the serious blog I had planned for yesterday.
It's too pretty of a day to talk about pain.
I have too much to be thankful for anyway and way too much random stored up.

On Mother's Day I took out the garbage, picked up dog "waste" and mowed the lawn.

It seems my husband is away from home now more than when he was in the military.

What's the point of hanging up flower baskets if you aren't going to water them and just let them die?

My son spilled an entire container of dog food in our entry way closet this morning, in shoes and all.

Due to a miscommunication, I dropped the couch on our daughter's arm.

After years of living in government housing, and having the lawns all mowed at the same time, it absolutely kills me to have all of our neighbors lawns at different lengths. #OCDproblems

Our 10th Anniversary trip is already booked for this summer and I am so so excited. We've never been away from our kids overnight before. But I keep thinking something is going to go wrong and we are going to get "stuck" bringing them along.

Who wants to lend me their photographic children? Mine won't let me take pictures of them anymore...

I know there was absolutely no point to this post.
But sometimes random is good.
And as all moms know, sometimes there isn't a thread of organization to our thoughts.

Flags are out. Remember what this weekend is all about.

Not Forgotten!


  1. I'm so glad y'all are taking some time out this summer to do something together...JUST THE TWO OF YOU! Y'all deserve it, and YOU deserve it!!!

  2. Enjoy your trip!

    I don't bother with flower baskets either. I know all my plants will die.

  3. I'm so excited for your trip!!! :) You are going to have a great time.

  4. I'd lend you mine but they aren't real photogenic either!
    Hope you have a great Memorial Day Weekend!


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