12 May, 2014

Maybe One Day My House Will Look Grown Up.

But right now it's just not happening.

My friend Hana over at Domesticated Combat Boots, recently posted about how her and her husband just made this awesome new DIY dining room table and it got me to thinking about our furniture.

Like a lot couples, we had absolutely no money when we got married, and so by the time we moved into our first military housing a year into it, the only thing new we owned was a couch and a microwave.
Most of the furniture/things we did have, were bought used or given to us used.
In fact, for awhile our coffee table was also a big rubbermaid bin.
I always felt jealous over other people's perfect looking homes.
Over time we've added pieces, but everything always seemed off because nothing matched.
In 2009, we were finally able to purchase a nice looking "fake" leather couch and recliner, but then that even fell apart over time.
We also purchased really nice convertible crib sets and dressers for our kids.

Every time we have moved, no matter how well things were packed or covered in the moving trucks, things always get scratched, knicked or messed up.
I finally just accepted that as long as we keep moving, I will just have to deal with things that don't look as nice.
The important thing is, it's our stuff and it helps make our home, OUR HOME.

The number 1 annoyance for me is our dining room set. It has served it's purpose for just our family over the last 10 years, but if we have people over, everyone has to eat in the living room as it only seats four.
When it was given to us, we were like the 5th family from our church that had used it.
When Josh got of the military, it wasn't suppose to find it's way to our new home, but we just couldn't afford a new one and I am adamant about sitting at the table together as a family.

 Scratches from moving:
 Worn down from being cleaned so much:
 Big crack down the middle of one chair:
Sigh, maybe one day...

Is there one thing in your house that you wish you could get rid of or replace?


  1. I wish I could get rid of our couches...I'm ready for something new but the funds just aren't there.

  2. Yeah, our house really doesn't feel grown up. Our stuff is mismatched and such. Ahh well.

  3. Bedroom set!!! I want a new one. We did do some repurposing on it last summer cause the headboard was falling apart. I agree...moving constantly has beat our furniture up!

  4. And just random thought...when we went to your house for dinner before we moved, I thought your house was adorable :-) I'm really not just saying that. I love all the patriotic stuff and theme you had going. It made it feel "homey", and welcoming.

  5. It's hard to keep things nice when you move. It's especially hard when you move all the time because your husband is in the military. You can re-stain the wood furniture for much less than the cost of replacing it. Ron Johnson | Military Moves

  6. Ugg! I'm in the same boat you are! I feel like I just need to throw everything away and start all over again, but after I win the lottery.

  7. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog :)

  8. We need new couches. Mine are stinky and old looking and not holding up well. New ones are just so expensive.

  9. We have been married 7 years and are still piecing together furniture. We bought a dining room table when we were in Monterey from Pier 1- I think it ended up being $300 with a coupon, but it is a circle when it is just us and then has a leaf to make it an oval. We use our ikea chairs from years ago to complete it!

  10. Our house is all mix-and-match furniture from craigslist, yard sales, and hand-me-downs. I love it though! I call it "eclectic." LOL Whether anyone else is buying that or not, that's what I call it. ;) My grandparents had a very similar table set to yours and I loved it. Wish I could have gotten it from them when they sold their house.


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