25 May, 2014

It's ok to barbecue.

Growing up, 
Memorial Day meant a day off from school and family weekend camping with our church.
I didn't really think much about the holiday.
I was patriotic, but others' sacrifice didn't really hit home until Josh joined the USMC.

Quite often you'll see people posting that Memorial Day isn't about a day off, barbecues, pools or lakes, it's about the remembering the men and women who died for our freedom.

It is.

But they didn't fight for our country so that we couldn't live. They sacrificed so that we could be free. They sacrificed so that we could have a better life.

Which includes barbecues, on a Monday, a few weeks before summer.

So it's ok.

Have your friends over.

Head to the lake.

Crack open that cold one.

Just take a moment to remember.

And never forget.


  1. Yes!!!! I love this post so much! Have an amazing weekend my dear friend.

  2. YES, YES, AND YES! I get so sick of social media and people judging how everyone else spends the day. We are blessed to have all of our friends home from their past deployments, to get together with them and KNOW we are the lucky ones. We honor the fallen in our own way, but that doesn't mean you have to mope around all day, either!

  3. Yes to this. It sort of irked me to see people judge others who enjoyed their Memorial Day. We enjoyed ours, but we also thanked those who made it possible.


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