05 May, 2014

And So It Begins (The Sports Edition)

Anyone that knows us, knows that since before we even had kids, we couldn't wait for our kids to be in sports.
My husband has put a lot of time in on soccer and baseball fields and even though I didn't play a lot myself, I coached little league and was extremely involved with my little brother's teams.
I know I am a dork, but I literally counted down the time until we could sign up our firstborn.

Last year was suppose to be the year, but with the move and transition, it just didn't happen.
Now that we are settled, I found out that a parent of one of Turtle's classmates was coaching a team, so I signed her up months in advance.
Then I waited ever so patiently for her first practice and then for her first game.

I am in Little League heaven, the season is here! :D


In truth;
She loves the dirt more than the game and spends her time in the dugout spitting out water and climbing the fence.
The playground near the field is a big temptation and she'd rather chase her teammates then back them up.
She doesn't run very fast and during games she is too distracted to hit the ball when coach pitches.

BUT, she has a blast.

And this Mommy needs more lessons on patience, perfectionism and focusing on what's more important.
Quality time spent with my children.
And one day she might say she doesn't want to play anymore.
I will be okay with it.
Because no sport in life beats that smile.


  1. These pictures are so great!

  2. Aw, there is nothing cuter than little kids playing sports in matching jerseys! They don't seem to offer anything for the under 5 crowd here, so I'm hopeful we can find a soccer league for Sam when we get back to the States!

  3. Love love love that last picture! I can't wait for sports either. Something about being a parent and watching them play something must bring out the proud feeling all parents love!

  4. She looks like a pro. That pic of her with that helmet on is adorable...lol. And holy cow...she's huge!!

  5. FOUND IT! And it's totally creepy that we even almost titled the posts the same. :) Love the pictures and I can't wait until Drew is in an adorable uniform like Turtle is!!


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