10 May, 2014

Am I entitled?

I am a Mom.
I am a Wife.
I am a Daughter.

But none of those titles,
entitle me to anything.

But then every year, even though I tell myself that it's not about me, it's not just about that day, the feelings of jealousy or the pity party creeps in when someone gets a special surprise or gets pampered.
Then I can't snap out of it and I take it out on my family.

It had started already this year:
My husband has to work on Mother's Day.
Every single one of us was sick all week and the exhaustion and pity party had already set in.

But then my cousin shared this article, and even though I dislike posting a link that someone might not click, I really, really hope you do:

How Not To Be Disappointed This Mother's Day

I pray that all Moms can have a wonderful day tomorrow and remember what it's all about.
That perfect, most rewarding, most fulfilling job on the planet.

You created a miracle.
And they call you Mom.

Happy Mother's Day (and 40th Anniversary to my parents!)

My Mom, sister and I  '91
My parents wedding 5/10/1974


  1. Happy Mother's Day lady!! I hope you have a fantastic one and happy anniversary to your parents!

  2. YOU deserve a Happy Mother's day more than anyone I know!!!!!!!!!!! You're a praying mom....that...in my opinion is the greatest mom.

  3. Happy Mother's Day sweet friend!!!

  4. Thank you for that link. What a brilliant article and great suggestions! I hope you had a very happy Mother's Day <3


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