22 May, 2014

15 months later

We left California 15 and half months ago.

13 and a half months ago we turned over our military ID's.

15 months ago I was mad, but mostly scared.

13 months ago I was still struggling to feel at home.

11 months ago I was still missing it horribly.

And here we are.
15 months later.

Moving into our own place last fall helped a lot.
We are still renting, but after living with a friend for 7 months, it was so nice to have our own space.
And even though this house is smaller than our townhouse in CA, it has a yard all the way around and I can actually look out my windows and not have to look directly into my neighbor's windows.

But that's not what I am getting at.

I think I am going to be ok.
But I know you all knew that.

Do I still miss it?
Oh yes.

I made some tremendously wonderful friends in those 9 years and we got to do some pretty special things.
The healthcare has been a BIG issue, especially with all of our health challenges.
I loved seeing my husband in uniform, (from cammies to dress blues,) and there is nothing, and I repeat, NOTHING better than a homecoming.

But I finally feel the call again.
I finally feel the call that I was feeling so strongly about before my husband got out.
I finally have been able to wrap my head around new dreams and realize that I can do just as amazing things in this chapter of life as I thought I was called to do as a Marine wife.
There is still a stirring in my soul to do more, but I feel more settled.

Do I have any idea what's going to happen in the future?
Absolutely not.
Just because it seems there is more of a safety net while you are under military contracts, doesn't mean you are guaranteed anything.
The future is unknown to all of us.

SO even though every once in awhile, the ache creeps in, I am ok.

I am thankful for the way those 9 years molded me.
Thankful for who I met and where I lived.
Thankful for the opportunities and still thankful for the pride.

Every day it gets a little better.
And I smile a little more about today.


  1. Everyday is a gift for sure!

  2. Change is always hard but we just have to keep looking for the light at the end if the tunnel.

  3. We will probably be facing these same challenges in the next year!! Best wishes to you! God will direct you!


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