23 April, 2014

Where We Are

SO many changes in blog land.

People that were announcing pregnancies are now welcoming their new little bundles.
People that had babies now have almost toddlers.
Military spouses that just welcomed their loved one back, are now preparing for the "d" word that is on the horizon again.
So many lives continued to be lived "without me" these last few (kinda more than a few,) months.

I am just so happy to have my finger tips hitting the keys on my laptop. :D

A few nights after we got the internet back, I spent a whole evening reading back through some posts of the last year to gear me up for blog re-immersion.
And you know what I got out of it?

Smiles and a LOT of tears.
You know why?


I have a good amount of faithful readers that encourage me to the core.
Thank you so much for your comments.

And how are we?

We are here.

I have contemplated how I was going to start back into posting.
I wrote in a journal a lot during my time "unplugged," but I didn't want my posts to go back.

I want to go forward.
If you are new here and would like a glimpse of our lives the past year, I welcome you to check out here, here, and here to get you started. There weren't many posts on The Life After in 2013, but the few that made it to publish, were emotionally jam packed.

Josh started back to work March 10th; 3 and half months after the accident. He still has a lot of pain and has been told he probably will never be 100% again, but he is working and mobile and we are thankful.

Turtle is at the top of her class and loves school more than children should. Her teacher's only complaint, is that she worries about her classmates too much. I have no idea where she gets it from. ;)
Before January, she could barely read basic words like cat and hat, and is now reading early level chapter books. She shares her father's love of video games, still craves quality time and she just started t-ball practice last week, (more on that later.) :D

Monkey continues to be the child that keeps me on my toes. We butt heads all day long, but he'll be the first one to snuggle and need some extra lovin.
He takes after his sister in the brainiac department and thanks to her, will already be way ahead when I start preschool with him in the fall. If you ask him what his favorite movie is, he'll say Frozen. :)
I dread our grocery bill as he grows older.

And Me;

It's not all pretty. The pain is still here and so is the reality that there will likely never be healing.
Most days I don't let it get to me.

But some days the pity party sets in.
I don't want to be on medications that are tearing up my insides.
I want to be able to walk down to the mailbox.
I want to be able to walk to the park with my kids.
I want to be able to sit in church without either wriggling in pain from sitting or doubling up on the meds to make it bearable.
I don't want to be gaining weight just because I can't exercise it away.

I've given up on finding answers because it doesn't fix it.

I have learned I need sun.
I have started picking up the camera again.
I have nothing against Frozen, or Let It Go and will happily belt out the soundtrack with my children at any moment.
I love planting flowers and am thanking God that I currently have a yard to do as such.

And every day I go to sleep asking God to give me the strength to do it all again the next day.
Thanking Him for His
and forgiveness.

And that is where we are.


  1. I am so happy to see you posting and excited to continue to follow your life! Missed you friend!

  2. I loves talking to you the other night!! I'm so glad you're back to blogging, and I'm praying!

  3. Hwy girl! Thanks so much for following me :)

    My hubs isn't Military but he's a Police officer so I'm sure we have a lot to relate too! I look forward to being friends :)

  4. Love your heart, and am so glad to see you posting again. Perfect photos of your cute kids and I'm so glad to hear they're doing well. Praying for you and your pain, and hoping a solution comes to light for you!

  5. Blogging rule #1: Make no excuses or apologies. You're here now and if it's making you happy, then that's all that matters! Welcome back!

  6. Blogging rule #1: Make no excuses or apologies. You're here now and if it's making you happy, then that's all that matters! Welcome back!

  7. Welcome.back! So happy to hear that you are keeping your chin held high and putting one foot in front of the other.


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