11 September, 2013

It takes three

9 years ago today; I woke up, waited for my "not really" fiance to get off is night shift for a tow company, and then went to a Marine Corps recruit moto day with him.

Why am I telling you this?
Why did he get permission to let me come on his moto day?

Because it was the day we chose to get married, the Marine Corps was already controlling our lives, and he hadn't even gone to boot camp.
My plans to get married at a certain time of day were thrown out the window and we told the small group of family and friends that we invited to our wedding, that we had no idea when we'd be back and to be ready to start the ceremony whenever we got back.

Yes that was our day.

And no it hasn't been roses and smooth sailing ever since. (No matter what people think.)

We fight.
About money.
About my control issues.
About his bad habits.
About how we deal with the kids.
About helping around the house.
About extended family.

I have cried my eyes out, he has walked away and we've both slammed doors, (ok maybe I mostly have done the door slamming.)

But you know what?
He isn't perfect
and I am not either.

Marriage teaches us about our relationship with God.
It's the closest example there is.

About how we constantly have to ask forgiveness and get on our knees in prayer.

It's hard.
But so is life.

And parenting.
And trust
And dying of self.

And that's IT right there.
Dying of self. (There are those words again, they keep finding their way into my posts.)
How often do we do that?

This post is not suppose to be a downer,
it's suppose to be real.

How, in my opinion, every anniversary needs to be celebrated fully and treated as another reminder about what marriage is all about.

And the good news is,
I love him more now than I ever did before.
Which means I wouldn't trade all those tough times.

So Happy 9th Anniversary Mr R.
I wouldn't have it any other way!


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