04 September, 2013


Before I get on to my post, I want to thank each and every one of you that reached out after my last post.
I contemplated not sharing it, but I knew I had to.
It was more of a journal entry than a post to share with others.
I know some could take it the wrong way, but I needed to write it out.

I did NOT write it at the lowest point,
I wrote it after I had picked myself back up and had "sucked it up."

You see, so many people have this misconception, that because you are a Christian, everything is going to go your way. They take verses about God giving you the desires of your heart and they think that as long as they are saved, a "good" person and follow the Biblical rules, God's answer is always going to be in their favor.
"Well we prayed about it, so that must mean it's going to work out."
"Well we obeyed the Bible, never got in trouble in life, so God will grant us what we want."
"Well I prayed and believed so God will heal me."

Tell that to the family who just had to bury their young child taken so soon.
Did that mean they didn't pray hard enough?

Tell that to the young wife and mother who just found out she is dying of cancer.
Does that mean she didn't pray and believe hard enough?

All He wants is us focused on Him.
Dying of self.
Reaching others.

And if that means pain, heartache, low points and changing our dreams and desires to align with His, well than He is going to do whatever it takes to make that happen.

And as odd as all of that sounds,
It gives me hope.
It gives me hope that for every painful, heartbreaking, "why God" moment,
I am that much closer to being molded into the Christ follower He wants me to be.

And so I will suck it up.
I will pick myself back up.
I will persevere.
I will keep running. {And I don't even like to run.}

Because the prize is coming.
Just not when I want it and better than what I expected.

Hebrews 12:1-2


  1. Love this! Glad you were able to pick yourself up.

  2. This is so true! I love this post!

  3. I love everything about this post! You are amazing my friend.

  4. EXACTLY! You have honestly captured my thoughts exactly... I may share this post sometime, is that okay? You say it better than I can! I think about this all the time. You know, that's what I don't like about evangelists such as Joel Osteen because he makes everything sound like unicorns and rainbows... and it is NOT! It's just that we have a reward waiting for us in the end.


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