23 August, 2013

That moment when you blink

"God decided I needed some more insight on myself so 
He decided to send a little mini me to earth, to mirror all my faults
 and to help me focus on the little things."  

We made our decision about schooling for our daughter.
All in all, I feel that we are doing what we're suppose to do, and for the most part,
I am ok with it.

But I don't know if I am ready for it.

What if,

This happens?

Or this happens?

Or worse, this happens?

I think when your children are young, it's so much easier to play the parent. Times might be tough, but you are the only influence they have in life and you don't have to let them out from under your wing.

I can count on less than two hands how many times my daughter has been out of my sight.

But I have to let her out of the nest.
I have to trust and let her go.

I guess I know it's just the fast track from here and then I'll blink and we'll be planning her high school graduation and sometime later, (like 15 years later,) her, "sigh," wedding....

But the new shiny fairy princess back pack is hanging on her door knob.

The school supplies are checked off and waiting to find their home at the brick building around the corner.

She looks up at me, when asked if she is excited, and she answers yes with a big smile on her face.

"But will you be there with me?"

But I will be back to pick you up after you have fun meeting a lot of friends and listening to your teacher."


And off she runs.

And all I see is this:

Don't blink young moms...


  1. Everything will be fine... :) Oh, and it doesn't get easier when you send them away to college (especially three at once!) <3

  2. D's been in daycare preschool since she was 6 weeks old, and after spending the last year at home with me, I have the same feelings you do about sending her to preschool next week! I don't that feeling ever goes away for a mom!

  3. Everything will be just fine. Hugs my sweet friend!

  4. Gahhhhhh this made me cry. The last picture and how you wrapped up this post. I get so frustrated with my babies sometimes that I don't realize how fast the time is going. I know she is going to do great at school and I hope you are at peace with the decision too. Prayers and hugs to you, mama!

  5. That last line and photo went straight through my heart. It's hard being a mama sometimes.


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