26 August, 2013

Best Friend

Someone said something to me the other day that kind of bothered me and got me thinking about a subject I have a strong opinion about.
I am sure that once I state my opinion, I am going to offend a bunch of people, 

but I strongly believe that you should raise your children to be the best spouse they can be.

What do I mean by that exactly?

When I discussed with someone, our decision concerning our daughter's schooling, the person said, don't worry, she'll always be your best friend.

I kept my mouth shut at the time, because I know this person would have been extremely offended if I disagreed;

But I don't always want to be my children's best friend....

I would love to be their first true friend,

Someone they can always confide in about anything,
The person they can call if they need to talk about anything.
The person they can rely on at any second of their life.

But I don't want to be their best friend.

I want to raise them to look for a spouse that will claim that title for the rest of their lives.

I want to raise them to find a Godly spouse that gets it.

I want to raise them to look for that spouse that will always be there for them,

that they'll want to call first when something special happens, 
that they'll want with them at all the special moments of their lives.

And I want to raise them to find a spouse that sees them as their true best friend.

Can they always call and ask my opinion?
Do I want to be able to be at all their very special moments in their lives?


But I want to raise them to put their spouse FIRST before their parents.

And I am perfectly ok with that.


"That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife 
and they become one flesh."
~Genesis 2:24

23 August, 2013

That moment when you blink

"God decided I needed some more insight on myself so 
He decided to send a little mini me to earth, to mirror all my faults
 and to help me focus on the little things."  

We made our decision about schooling for our daughter.
All in all, I feel that we are doing what we're suppose to do, and for the most part,
I am ok with it.

But I don't know if I am ready for it.

What if,

This happens?

Or this happens?

Or worse, this happens?

I think when your children are young, it's so much easier to play the parent. Times might be tough, but you are the only influence they have in life and you don't have to let them out from under your wing.

I can count on less than two hands how many times my daughter has been out of my sight.

But I have to let her out of the nest.
I have to trust and let her go.

I guess I know it's just the fast track from here and then I'll blink and we'll be planning her high school graduation and sometime later, (like 15 years later,) her, "sigh," wedding....

But the new shiny fairy princess back pack is hanging on her door knob.

The school supplies are checked off and waiting to find their home at the brick building around the corner.

She looks up at me, when asked if she is excited, and she answers yes with a big smile on her face.

"But will you be there with me?"

But I will be back to pick you up after you have fun meeting a lot of friends and listening to your teacher."


And off she runs.

And all I see is this:

Don't blink young moms...

21 August, 2013

Sometimes you'll hear crickets

I think I should change my blog name to the title of this post.

Ok not really,
but I like that line.

First, before I start rambling, I want to thank everyone for your sweet comments on my last post. For some reason, that was a popular post and I guess I was expecting a different outcome.
I guess I was expecting more people to tell me their opinion on what we should do, and instead I just got a ton support and encouragement. Thank you all so much!
And a big thank you to my friend who is constantly reminding me that I have a blog and I need to give it some love once in awhile!

On to other news, I haven't really updated in awhile....

After three months of applying constantly, my husband finally found a part time job with a delivery company at the beginning of June. It was at a moment when we couldn't have gotten much lower and I thank God for His timing even if it wasn't mine.

Unfortunately I forgot to tell a lot of people.
So when I recently put up this status on facebook:
"Is it wrong that I want to tell companies to only ship their items to me by a certain company, just by chance I get to see a really cute guy deliver to me??? ;)"

I was taken the wrong way. oops lol...

Now we are starting the long tedious process of finding a place to live, closer to his work, and in our budget.
And it's not easy.
I find myself banging my head on the wall or getting frustrated all the time, when I know I need to just leave it in God's hands. The right house will come at the right time.

SO how are things?
Do I feel at home yet?
Do I still miss the military?
Are you still where you were a
few months ago?
Are any of you really asking these questions? ;)

No, I do not feel at home. Even those as Christians we are not suppose to have treasures here on earth or want things of this world, I miss our things.
I miss my many photographs that I use to decorate our home, I miss our sports memorabilia, I miss the scents of our scentsy's (no pun intended) as they float throughout the house. I even miss my pots and pans for goodness sake.

I will always miss the military and the people we met along the way. For instance, I sent out an update to our close family and friends, and a majority of people that replied back with all the love and encouragement in the world, were either military wives or people we met as a result of being a military family. You can't take that away.

But in the last month, we attended two family weddings that we wouldn't have been able to attend.
My kids met two sets of great grandparents and numerous aunts and uncles.
There is always something to be thankful for.

So here I sit, an injury to my left foot.

Pounds heavier than I should be.
Sick of saying "when we move" or "when we get our own home."
Wanting so badly to find a home church to plug in to.
Sick of telling God how I want it.

I just want



07 August, 2013

To School (at home) Or Not To School (at home)

....That is the Question.

I told you all last year that I was experimenting with home schooling Turtle for preschool.
We got a home school room all set up.
Cruised along pretty well for 3 months.
Went through learning to print all the abc's, number's, shapes;
All the basics.
Craft time with learning to properly use scissors and glue and all the fun stuff.
We even started reading lessons.
And then we got bored.
And then we started to pack.
And then we moved and all our fun home school stuff was packed away.
And we just couldn't get it going again.

Honestly, I have been struggling a lot this last year on what to do for Kindergarten this fall. Praying continuously that God would show me/us what to do.

I want to be that great mom who home schools and comes up with all these great ideas all year long, but I struggle greatly in that area.

I want to keep her under my watchful eye forever. But I have to release her at some point.
Our daughter THRIVES around other children. She is such a people person and loves to be in group situations.
But she is so impressionable.

And then we add the complications of our temporary living situation...

All of our home school stuff is still packed, including our printer. (A big deal in the home school world.)

If we start her in school here, we will have to pull her out when we move further south and she'll have to get used to a whole new school soon after getting use to doing the whole school thing for the first time.

Oh the joys of parenting. Always wanting to do the best thing for your children all while trying to figure out what that is....

Also in case anyone is wondering, because we missed Kindergarten registration up here, we have a week and half left before we even have to make a final decision.

 On an end note, here are a few pictures from our home school preschool year: