30 July, 2013

You get pictures

Every time I log in to my dashboard I hope I can get some reading done on your blogs.
And every time I do, I get overwhelmed at how far behind I am, and end up giving up.
Because no matter how many times I am told, "it's ok, you all understand," I know it's not a very good follower of me.

And because I am still just a floater in the wind, today I make an appearance to show you pictures from my brother in law's wedding this past weekend.
We made a super quick trip down to Lincoln City, OR for their special day.
I didn't take many pictures and in fact, only had my phone for the actual ceremony, but here are few of the kids at the beach and then the reception.

The Reception:

My Father in law, (far right) with his brothers and Father.

The happy couple:

First dance:

Our nephew:


Bubble war:

Enjoying the after dinner view:

Josh, his brother and the rest of the boys celebrating:

Even the photographer celebrated too! ;)

 Our fam:

 Congratulations D & C!!!!


  1. That is a gorgeous beach, and finally good to see an updated family pic!
    On another note...your little monkey wears that Rangers hat EVERYWHERE, doesn't he!!??
    Now THAT...is a die hard fan!

  2. What a gorgeous spot for a wedding! Love your family!!!

  3. Beautiful photos, I just love them.

  4. Great pictures! Oregon is so pretty.

  5. AMAZING pictures! I feel the same way about my reader sometimes. Don't worry, we really do understand!


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