16 July, 2013

There is a season

It's been awhile.
For a moment, I thought I was getting back into this blog thing, but then a few tough things hit and I just don't like to write when I'm down.
The world is going through so many tough struggles of it's own, it doesn't need to add my meaningless ones to it.

We are here.
We are getting by.
I don't know why, but I am still struggling with Josh being out of the military.

It's not the income part of it, it's not the healthcare part of it,

It's the people part of it.

It's the pride part of it.

I miss it.

And while I should be sharing the adventures of our summer thus far; birthday parties, VBS, fire truck "field trips" and so much more.

I still just feel melancholy.

And I hope you understand just a little.

For those that have gotten out and had no problem looking forward and putting the military past behind, kudos to you.

I am not one of you.

Don't get me wrong, there are good moments.
And it's so nice to not have to fear that phone call that reveals a deployment.

But it's still going to take a little bit.

Maybe when we have a home and the boxes are unpacked.


Thank you for being patient with me.


  1. I think a lot of people feel the way you do! You're not the first person I've had tell me feels this way. It's a major life change for you and your family. Hopefully when you really get settled in and officially start your new life, you'll feel a little more "normal". Until then, I know you pray and have lots of people praying for you! Sending love and positive vibes your way!

  2. Hugs my friend! You are not the only one who has felt these emotions. Praying for you always!

  3. I know exactly how you feel. My Marine was medically discharged in 1991 and we still miss just what you are talking about.
    It gets better.it took 3 years for him to find a good job with benefits.
    Hold your head high though, you can still be proud. Once a Marine and Marine Family, always a Marine. No one can take that title away.

  4. When Sky was between the Guard and Reserves, I felt exactly the same way. It had become a part of my identity in a way, and it was weird without it. I struggled with it a lot more than he did, actually. Hugs!


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