30 July, 2013

You get pictures

Every time I log in to my dashboard I hope I can get some reading done on your blogs.
And every time I do, I get overwhelmed at how far behind I am, and end up giving up.
Because no matter how many times I am told, "it's ok, you all understand," I know it's not a very good follower of me.

And because I am still just a floater in the wind, today I make an appearance to show you pictures from my brother in law's wedding this past weekend.
We made a super quick trip down to Lincoln City, OR for their special day.
I didn't take many pictures and in fact, only had my phone for the actual ceremony, but here are few of the kids at the beach and then the reception.

The Reception:

My Father in law, (far right) with his brothers and Father.

The happy couple:

First dance:

Our nephew:


Bubble war:

Enjoying the after dinner view:

Josh, his brother and the rest of the boys celebrating:

Even the photographer celebrated too! ;)

 Our fam:

 Congratulations D & C!!!!

16 July, 2013

There is a season

It's been awhile.
For a moment, I thought I was getting back into this blog thing, but then a few tough things hit and I just don't like to write when I'm down.
The world is going through so many tough struggles of it's own, it doesn't need to add my meaningless ones to it.

We are here.
We are getting by.
I don't know why, but I am still struggling with Josh being out of the military.

It's not the income part of it, it's not the healthcare part of it,

It's the people part of it.

It's the pride part of it.

I miss it.

And while I should be sharing the adventures of our summer thus far; birthday parties, VBS, fire truck "field trips" and so much more.

I still just feel melancholy.

And I hope you understand just a little.

For those that have gotten out and had no problem looking forward and putting the military past behind, kudos to you.

I am not one of you.

Don't get me wrong, there are good moments.
And it's so nice to not have to fear that phone call that reveals a deployment.

But it's still going to take a little bit.

Maybe when we have a home and the boxes are unpacked.


Thank you for being patient with me.