15 June, 2013

Sometimes It's Ok To Break The Rules

10 years ago today I made the most important life changing phone call of my life....

It was Father's Day 2003 and we had an extra ticket for a baseball game the following Sunday. I knew, as soon as we found out we had an extra one, that I wanted a particular someone to go, but that meant I would have to break my own rule.

I am forward, loud and speak before I think, way too often, but I always said I wasn't going to be the first one to ask a guy on a date. He had to be the one to make the FIRST move.

It's not that I was afraid of rejection, I just didn't want to be "one of those girls..."

All weekend long I argued with God.

"But I don't want to make the first move."

"Just ask him."


"Just do it."

After having dinner and leaving the Father's Day dinner guests in the house, I walked outside and paced back in forth in front of my parents house. I finally got up the nerve and prayed one last prayer that no one would answer at his Dad's house or that he himself would be gone if it wasn't meant to be.

I couldn't tell you who answered the phone but I barely squeaked out asking for him.
The person said yes and left to go get him. After what seemed like an eternity, a very groggy voice said hello.
I told him who I was and then after an extremely short amount of small talk, I explained that we had an extra ticket for the baseball game the following Sunday, and that he was "more than welcome" to "accompany me" if he was able.
Apparently he had been sleeping, (which explained the groggy voice,) and I caught him extremely off guard. He seemed shocked at the invite, but told me that he thought it would be fine and he would get back to me with his "for sure" answer. The phone call ended soon after that as we both had our respective Father's Day celebrations going on.

After I got off the phone a perma smile had settled on my face and there was absolutely no way I regretted my decision.

The next day he called me as soon as I got off work and we preceded to talk for the next 2 hours. As I mentioned before in Our Love Story, when I asked him to that baseball game that day, a light bulb when off in his head. In fact during that 2 hour plus phone call the next day, he asked me out on a second date before we even went on our first one.

So yeah,

I am going to say it's ok to break your own rules every once in awhile....

I'd say it worked our pretty well for us. :) :)


  1. Cute story! What a perfect match too! Two people who are passionate about baseball :)

  2. Sometimes I wish blogger had a "like" button. Love this!


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