16 June, 2013

More Important

For all the Dads out there that realize their true prize and have their priorities straight:

"Then in the midst of that marvelous personal moment, Stewart focused on Phil Mickelson, whose own U.S. Open dream had just been pierced by one of the most memorable strokes in the tournament's long history. Stewart walked over and took Mickelson's disappointed face into a vice grip with both hands. Knowing Mickelson and his wife, Amy, were awaiting the arrival of their first child at any moment, Stewart found just the right words, "You're going to love being a father," Stewart told Mickelson through the noise of the moment.


The photo of the father and the father-to-be, which hangs in the Pinehurst Resort clubhouse not far from where it happened, captured the exchange which reached beyond golf.
A few years later, recalling Stewart's words, Mickelson said, "That was pretty cool."

Just like Payne Stewart himself, yes it was."

-1999 US Open.

SO much better than winning:

Happy Fathers Day.....

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