02 May, 2013

Chapter Complete

8 years, 5 months and 17 days ago my husband got on a plane to San Diego.
3 months after that I proudly stood and watched him receive his eagle, globe and anchor.

Today officially ends my husbands service in the United States Marine Corps....

We are not the same couple that walked off the parade deck that super rainy day in February.

We had no idea what the future held; the ups and downs, the sad or happy moments.

We were young (but still WAY older than most of the couples there that day,) and in shape, with no wrinkles or gray hair.

Everything was so promising.

But I wouldn't change a thing...

And I love him today more than ever.

I hope so much that one day the good memories will outshine the bad.
That my husband will one day stand proud and tall, when called a veteran, and not shy away from the respect and admiration that he deserves.

Chapter closed.

Thanks for the memories military family.
Just don't forget about us, we will never forget about you.


  1. Such a sweet post. Congratulations on finishing one chapter of your lives and good luck on the next one!

  2. Awe...my husband should be getting out next year. It really is the end of a chapter.

  3. I just want to thank you, your husband and your family for your service! This country is better because of it. Hugs to you on this new adventure.

  4. This post made me teary-eyed. You write with such emotion and I feel every word!

    (PS. I finally fixed the feed issue... Now I can comment in a more timely fashion.) ;)

  5. Great post! On to the next adventure!!!


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