06 March, 2013

Temporary Housing

This post could go anyway, but I feel that true, sincere honesty is the only way it can go.

Your well meaning words have got to end.

Your questions about our future have got to stop.

By asking me how I am holding up or if my husband has a job lined up, you are only letting Satan use you as a tool to create doubt.

Doubt it not something I need right now.
Negativity is not something I need right now.
Trying to remind me I am a control freak that likes it my way, in my time, in my space is definitely not what I need right now.

The truth is,

We definitely do not know what we are doing.

If we used our move and the week leading up to our move as any indication, it would be all pointing at the wrong choice. (For example, our son came down with pneumonia and our neighbor backed into our car 2 days before we left....The list goes on.)

But we didn't make the choice. 
I can't focus on the fact that we will soon have no income, no home and no health insurance.
I can't have you continuing to point out the obvious and giving me looks of "you got to be crazy."

I can't spend all my waking moments trying to figure it all out.
It's NOT my job.

~ I am not suppose to be comfortable here on earth, it's not my home.

 Building 429 ~"Where I belong"

~I am to be completely supportive of my husband; Like when I get a phone call saying "how about North Dakota or Montana and moving again right away," I say for sure, whatever you want and then secretly get excited deep down knowing I will follow my husband to the moon and back because I love him that much. (This is not something that is for sure, but a possibility, for all you friends & relatives that are now freaking out....)

So when you say you will pray for us, 

please don't try to get a plan from us...you won't receive an honest one.
We don't have one.
But God does, and we are just along for the ride

01 March, 2013

"Fair Winds and Following Seas"

The USMC is losing a damn good Marine today...

All because some grunts couldn't pull their heads out of their "butts" and accept a former Air Winger; Instead feeling the need to bully, harass and threaten him and the well being of his family for the last three years.

I will always be patriotic and support our troops but a lot of the pride I had, has turned to shame.

Thank God for the few people we met along the way who still have morals and values.

May God always use me as a support for these families.

And may I never forget what it was like to be a Marine wife.

Thank you for your prayers and support as we start out on our new "adventure."