11 February, 2013

Time out

Sharing some honesty in case someone else is having a down/bad week and needs some reassurance....

With all the packing and cleaning going on in our house the last couple of weeks, my children are getting super ignored. I am not trying to, but you know how it is; You are running on fumes yourself and it's just easier to pop in a movie for them, then to try to play good mommy.
I reached my boiling over point this weekend.
J had to go pick up his replacement in SD on Saturday, and the fighting and disobeying hit my last nerve, so I exploded on a rampage yelling at the kids and throwing things. (Such an awesome Mommy I am....)
The sad part of it is, without knowing it, an item that I tossed contained about 50 colored pencils; in turn spraying them all over the dining room. As my realization of my hissy fit sunk in, I just stood there and started to cry. Without a word from me or without being asked, my 5 year old immediately went into the dining room and started to pick them up. One by one, without a word, she picked them all up... All I could do was join her and apologize.

We all want to be super mommies, but I think sometimes it's ok to have a break down. Most importantly I think our children need to see that we are human too and we also need to ask forgiveness when we make mistakes. Cuz God knows they are getting older now and I will be doing it more and more often.

Thank you Lord for your forgiveness.


  1. You are a good Mom! I can only imagine the frustrations that mothers endure. You are wonderful!

  2. Its tough! But your 5 year old picking them up shows that even at a young age, they understand forgiveness- something they surely learned from you! hang in there!

  3. You are a great mom! This is sweet. :)

  4. Oh I've had plenty of those days. I have to agree, I think it's good for the kids to see that even us as adults make mistakes and know how to ask for forgivness. Keep your chin up, you're doing great!

  5. I have had a lot of rough days lately, so thank you for your honesty.


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