31 December, 2012

Who knew?!

Who knew all these changes would take place in 2012?

Who knew we would go through all these trials and struggles?

Who knew we'd reach such a low point?

Who knew we'd find friendship in such an unexpected place?

God knew.

Just like He knows exactly what is coming our way in 2013.
Whether it be good, bad, happy or sad;
He will be right there, walking with us or carrying us.

The Life of a Military Family's year in review:

Celebrating a 4 year old:

 Celebrating Mommy:
 Hitting up ballparks, meeting pros:

 Celebrating a 2 year old:

Meeting loved ones for the first time:

 My siblings and I; first photo of the four of us in over 18 years!!
{credit: Nancy Noble photography}
Hitting up ballparks, making history:
Starting up school at home:

 Hanging at a farm:
 Meeting awesome new friends:

 Getting lost in the glow of Christmas:
 Passing down gaming addictions:
 Celebrating family and Jesus:

                                                Wishing all of you a Happy New Year!

"Apart from HIM, there is NO happiness."


  1. Every year has its' ups and downs (as I have seen from my past New Years posts...but man...does God find a way to put some amazingness in the year to make the low points not even worth it. So glad we met...hope we get to cross paths again in 2013.....Red Sox game?!?

  2. You may have had many ups and downs but even through the downs you still have a wonderful outlook. I wish you nothing but the best for 2013! :)

  3. Well said Marcella!! Thanks for sharing your year in review!!

  4. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Marcella! Hope 2013 is AMAZING for you & your precious family!

  5. Your little girl looks SO much like you! Such cute pics and a great post!


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