10 December, 2012


How do you guys do it?!!

I love to write, (or I should say ramble,) but with all that's happening, my thoughts and blog posts are not making it out of my head.

I wish I could dictate my thoughts to someone and have them type it up because I am failing miserably.
We are barely fitting in school three times a week as it is!

I would love to say after the holidays, but that is when the packing and moving prep will begin so I doubt the typing will start to flow then......

You guys amaze me...you must not sleep at night!!

Before I leave you with this, anything but update, update, I am asking EVERYONE, (even those that read but don't comment,) for suggestions on what to rename the blog???
We won't know for a few months yet if we are still going to be a military family after this spring, and I don't want to start a whole new blog, but I'd like to get the ball rolling for name suggestions if I decide to rename it...

I do hope you all are doing well and I can't wait for the time where I can be fully apart of blog land again, but in the mean time I hope you all are focusing on the true meaning of Christmas and spending as much time with family and friends as possible!! For those that have close loved ones deployed this Christmas season, I send all my love, hugs and prayers your way.


  1. I usually schedule blogs a few days in advance lol. it helps me free up time but also lets me get out what I want to say. :) As far as a new name for your blog, let me think about it. :)

  2. Amen. It takes me DAYSSSSS to do one stinkin' post anymore. I only update it because I'm afraid I'll forget something in the future. Or I might look back in my memory and think "adding another child to our family sounds like a good idea." I need a post that says, "FUTURE JENN: NO MORE KIDS. LOVE, PAST JENN" ;)

    Hope you're having a nice December so far! :)

  3. I LOVE the snowflake theme!! I know how you feel aboutn not getting the words out. I actually have not even had many words in my head to put down. I had so much to say last month, but the past few weeks I have been scrounging for ideas that inspire me. Maybe there's too much hustle and bustle to get ready for the holidays, I don't know. But I hope my desire comes back soon because I would love to share inspiration with others. I guess all of us writers need down time sometimes!

  4. It gets hard. Trust me. I blogged more when my husband was deployed, only because I couldn't sleep and it gave me something to do. Now I think about posts and have them written in my head, they just don't always come out on the blog. :( It's hard. I think sometimes you just have to make time to just sit down and type. I find when the kids are asleep the best time.

  5. I tend to schedule my blog posts. When inspiration hits, I hurry and write it down, otherwise I totally lose my train of thought.


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