01 November, 2012

In All Things

I wish I could tell you more than these pictures say, but I don't know much more.
In a military lifestyle change is always inevitable, but this time the change will be different and major.

We will go through the holidays and keep life as normal as possible and then I will be personally packing up our lives again.



The only thing I can share with you at this point is that more than likely this will become our new home next spring:


Please Pray with us as we strive to seek God's will for our future!

**Note: Disclosure 


  1. Sending lots of prayers your way for a smooth transition when the time comes.

  2. Seattle is BEAUTIFUL! I grew up and spent 22 years there. I know some very wonderful military spouses there as well as about a million civilians. If you've got any questions about the area let me know. (im slightly jealous)

  3. I'm thinking about moving to Seattle after AIT! Change is so exciting. I'll keep you and your family in my prayers :D

  4. O yes, it is always a change in this life. But all changes end up being good, dont they? Are you heading to Lewis? My sister in law is there now and they love it. My friend Martha (www.marthametzler.com) is there too and blog about the area often!

  5. I am from WA and went to college in Seattle. It is an amazing place! But as you are heading this way, I am heading to the south! Such is life of a military spouse huh?!

  6. Ahhh, change... Scary but exciting.

  7. Things will be ok! It doesn't look so bad :)

  8. I love the quotes about change, particularly the last one. I am a sucker for reminiscing about my past, to the point where I forget about how important my present life is. Thanks for the inspiration!


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