15 November, 2012

I use to think you were crazy

I'm not a trusting person.
Like seriously, you have to prove yourself extremely worthy before I trust you with anything.

I miss out on making money selling our second hand things because I don't trust people on sites like craigslist, ebay, or resale groups on fb etc.

And internet dating; ha not in this world! {Not that dating is necessary for me anymore, but you get my drift ;)}
I think maybe it's because I watch too much of Dateline or other shows like that, and I'm always concerned I'm going to get stuck with the wackos...

When I started getting into the blog world more and more, I found out that a lot of people, (a lot of you,) actually ended up becoming friends in the "real" world and I use to think that was crazy.
Which leads me to this post....

Over a year ago, I was scrolling through blogs on a fellow military wife's reading list and a name caught my eye. You can imagine my peaked interest when the last name on the blog was one letter different than my last name. {Our last name is more common than my maiden name, but is still not as common as Smith or Johnson or something.}
I immediately clicked on her blog and found out we were stationed at the same base and her and her husband were both Marines. I started following her blog and found out we had a lot in common!
Anyway, to try to make this rambling story shorter, {that's what I get for writing this at midnight,} we struck up a friendship on our blogs, which eventually led to facebook.
Due to schedules and the craziness of our lives we didn't get to actually meet face to face until last month, but we finally got our families together and had a blast.

The sad part is, it was just weeks before she got out of the military and moved to Boston where her husband is currently stationed. :(

I am so so glad we got to meet though before she left and I thank God He brought them into our lives!!
Meet Mrs Romer, stop by her blog, leave some love and follow her as they start their new adventures together in Boston!!

Some family fun at our get together:

Fast friends!!
So don't get me wrong, I still am going to have my major paranoia with people online....but sometimes you have to take chances!!


  1. Yay for a meetup! Looks like so much fun!

  2. How fun! I'm so glad you got to meet up and have a great time with your families together. :)

  3. So fun you got a real life friend from a blog!

  4. That's awesome! I'm usually prety trusting when it comes to blog/facebook people since I feel like I know all about them. I have yet to meet anyone online from the same base as us though. Hopefully next time!


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