03 November, 2012


It seems my last post stirred up a bit of confusion with some people and I just want to clear up some things, (well as much as I can because there are a lot of things still up in the air.)

I am from Oregon, born and raised, except for two years of my life that I lived in an area north of Seattle.
In my 8 years of being a Marine wife and living away from home, I have never found a place that is as wonderful as the Pacific Northwest, (at least in my opinion...)

Moving to the Seattle area and living so close to family and friends, is NOT what has me a "little" paranoid and freaked out about our move and future....

It's the circumstances on why we're moving....

It's the letting my husband and God take control of our future and completely letting go of things I have NO control over.


It's the saying goodbye to Active Duty Marine Corps life....

Yep I just said that.

No we aren't leaving the military altogether, we are just saying goodbye to the Marine Corps.

I should be jumping for joy,
                                          but instead I am freaked out.

I told you more than I should have, but I like prayers and I'm sure it's easier to pray when you have more info.



  1. I'm sorry that you had to clarify things but regardless of the situation you always have my prayers! :)

  2. Can't wait to see how it turns out.

  3. I know I was freaked out when Hubs was considering getting out of the army. It's difficult to go from being taken care of, to... I don't even know. Best of luck!

  4. There's always a reason why, even if you're not sure what it is yet. It's okay to be freaked out.

    This change will make you stronger.

  5. I second everything that has been said in the previous posts. You will get through it! I have an article being published very soon I think will help you...I'll send you the link when it goes live. Stay strong!

  6. We will be praying for a smooth transition. I am sure God has big plans for you and your family!


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