31 October, 2012

October 31st's of old

 2010 jammies:


28 October, 2012

Test of Fire - Election 2012

Stand with me and vote morals and values back into our country!

26 October, 2012

When we can still fix things

The last couple days my son has been super whiny. 
I was looking forward to my husband coming home tonight and taking over, because he has the extra patience to deal with him, but he came home with a migraine, so I knew I had to just continue to toughen it out until bedtime.
Every little thing was setting Monkey off tonight and I was seriously considering just putting him to bed early because I was on my last nerve.
All of a sudden he comes crying to me and holding his cheek.
In his little two year old pitiful voice he said:

"Mom it hurts, fix it."

It was so cute the way he said it, I had to smile, but it dawned on me that his pesky molars that have been bothering him for months must have been rearing their ugly heads.
Sure enough, after closely monitoring them forever and not seeing or feeling anything, both bottom ones were breaking through the gums tonight.
So we gave him some, normally hated but actually asked for tonight, baby oragel and snuggled for awhile.

I sat back and enjoyed the fact that when my 4 and 2 year coming running to me and ask for me to fix things,
I still can.

There won't be too many of those days left.

Pretty soon they'll be days when I can't fix their problems or pains and all this momma can do it leave them in God's hands....

23 October, 2012

Motherhood is much more fun

Life is just too complicated, crazy and negative right now 

to actually write my thoughts and feelings.

 It's just so much easier to invest in my family and 

let God handle things.

I've never been a big fan of Halloween, (I know you all think I'm odd,) but my daughter is pretty much obsessed with the day.
The artistic ability didn't really come through to my husband and I,
 so this was the result of our jack o lantern and I think my husband did an awesome job. 
{I don't do pumpkin guts ;)}

Don't you just love the innocence of children? :)

Hope you are having a wonderful week my friends!

16 October, 2012

You were gone?

 Here is a few unedited pics from the pumpkin patch last week!

On another note, this post was originally going to be about something else,
but it was waaay too negative, so I erased it all and put these pictures in instead.
Much better don't you think?! :)

09 October, 2012