04 September, 2012

Holiday weekends make me procastinate


All of you that continue to roll out blogs and run a household and have a full time job:

You amaze me....

Preschool at our house starts tomorrow.

Potty training is in full force. (Dear God we're going to need a new carpet.)

The wedding pictures are edited and ready to post, but I just haven't put the posts together.
Maybe I should just wait until the professional pics are done and put them all up together.
....Cuz it's gonna take like 4 posts anyway.

Our future is changing.

I am scared.

Way less excited than I thought I'd be.

I don't know if I'm ready for this.

I need more ice cream to think it through.


  1. I agree, ice cream is always a big help ;) Hope everything is ok with the change and I'm sure everything will work out. :)

  2. I love the bit about the ice cream. It does help clear the brain though, doesn't it? Yay for preschool starting though! Ours started today, and I must say, I am probably way too excited about dropping my kid off somewhere with "strangers" for 3 hours. ;)

  3. The future being uncertain is something I'll NEVER get used to in the Marine Corps...it's hard to put it all in God's hands sometimes. As far as potty training...GOOD LUCK! D was SO easy to potty train, it was ridiculous. All I did was put her in big girl underwear one day, and told her she needs to go poo poo and pee pee in the potty. She peed in her undies...and freaked out about being wet and the pee dripping down her legs...and that was enough to get her to go on the toilet. I do understand that it was a freak accident how easy it was for us...just another method if yours or the thousand others don't work!

  4. Ice cream makes everything better. :) I hate when the future is uncertain.
    Potty training is never fun, good luck!

  5. The future constantly freaks me out. Like, way more than I would like to admit. Ice cream certainly helps.

  6. Potty training, woohoo. You can do it! ha

    Have a great weekend beautiful!



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