28 August, 2012

That thing about family

(Otherwise known as August 2012 trip home part 4)

We had a little mini family reunion BBQ with J's Dad and family while we were home. We haven't seen one of my husband sisters or either of his stepsisters since 2004/2005. We've missed two weddings and finally got to meet two of our nieces and a nephew!

My Sister in law and our niece:

 Lots of pictures of cousins playing:

And we got to see J man again; twice in one summer, yay!!


My husband's Dad, Stepmom, and little sister:

Mini family photo shoot:

All of us, minus a brother and two spouses!

PS, If anyone recognizes this backyard from previous pictures on this blog, leave your guess in a comment! ;) (If you know us don't ruin it for the rest!)

Still more to come from our vacation!

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  1. Aww it looks like you guys had SO much fun! Your mini family photo is so cute. You have such a gorgeous family!

  2. What a cute family!

    Thanks for participating in the Wednesday Walkabout!

    Chantal @ Scattered Seashells

  3. I am WAY overdue for a visit home, we love living overseas but it sure makes it expensive to visit our family!


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