19 August, 2012


We're home.

We're tired cranky sleep deprived hot and in need of something home cooked that doesn't look or smell like anything to do with fast food or BBQ. (More on that later.)

Don't get me wrong.
We're glad we went home, but 17 hours straight in a car, (twice,) leaves a bitter after taste.

Our house was so hot from being closed up all that time that it just can't cool off and even though I was so happy to crash in our bed at 3 am this morning, I slept horribly from the heat.

I uploaded tons of pictures this evening and will hopefully get the rest uploaded and start putting together posts from our "vacation."

Thankfully hubby is not due back to work for a couple more days, and even though we have 3 appointments this week, we have a little time to gradually get back in to a schedule.

Laundry is all done though and every single item has been unpacked and returned to it's proper place. (It hasn't even been 24 hours.) ;)

Barely being on the internet was super duper nice though. I'm such a nice mommy without the laptop! ;)

Maybe I'll get caught up on everything else by Fall.....


  1. Looking forward to hearing more about your trip! love the picture... ahhhhh a trip to the bathroom by yourself... sounds delightful! ;)

  2. haha that ecard cracks me up, because it is so true. If only, right?

  3. Love the ecard!! :) I shared it on FB


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