31 August, 2012

My Oh My Perfection

(August 2012 trip home part 6)

When we first made the decision to make the trip up for my brother's wedding, we said we were just going to go to Oregon and that was it. Because of the 17 hour plus drive, (just to where the location of the wedding was,) we weren't going to put our kids through any more miles. Any friends and family from Washington St or Canada, that wanted to see us, could hop in a car and see us in just a few hours if they weren't going to already be at the wedding.

Plain and simple as that. 

We were holding our ground this time....

Ha Ha

Then our friend Julie bribed us with Seattle Mariner tickets.

SO apparently we can be bought.

Especially if there's sports involved.

Little did we know that trip to Safeco Field was going to be one part of our vacation that was going to be an absolutely awesome memory and we were going to be apart of some serious sports history!!


We started out our normal game routine of snapping some family pics and of course taking pics of the field.

(Why yes we did represent our different teams while we were there. We still rooted for the Mariners. Especially because they were playing Tampa Bay and Tampa Bay losing is always a good thing! ;) )

But then in the hustle and bustle of trips to the concession stand and bathrooms, (It was incredibly hot that day and my main concern was keeping the kids hydrated,) we started noticing that something special was going on...(take a look at the scoreboard, if you need to you can click on it to enlarge it.)

We were witnessing a game that had epic proportions going on, but it's baseball. And in true baseball superstitious fashion, you keep your mouth shut and hold your breath...

Until you witness those last two pitches:

copyright mRe images 2012

 And then my friends you celebrate!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not only did we just witness Felix Hernandez of the Seattle Mariners pitch a Perfect Game, we saw the Mariners get their first ever Perfect Game in team history.

That my folks is AMAZING!!

And WE were there!!


 After we stood around in our seats for a bit soaking in the excitement, we all headed behind right field to check out the Dave Niehaus statue and get a picture with it. If you don't know who he is, here is his Wiki page. For Mariners fans growing up, he was like part of the family and he meant a lot to my husband.

Pictured: My older brother, "Dave Niehaus," Julie, and our family!
 What a Day!!

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Stay tuned for all the wedding festivities!


  1. Definitely an experience you will never forget! Awesome! :)

  2. I'm sooooo glad you could be bought! I probably would not have been at that particular game had you not decided to come up. Thank you so much for making an unforgettable experience so much better by being there with me. :)

    ~ Julie

  3. Sounds awesome. I love ball park food.


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