03 August, 2012

In front of the camera

I do not like to be in pictures.
Mostly because I see all my imperfections and 
I'm just too critical of myself.

But I've been wanting a recent picture of myself for the blog so that first comers/visitors stopping by would not only see the hubster and the kids, but the yours truly. (The about me pic is too tiny.)

So after I had a 4 HOUR visit to the salon last Saturday, (cuz who doesn't look their best after leaving the salon!) I asked J of he would snap a few.

I won't lie, even though the rest of me looks ok, the very first thing I noticed was my extremely disgusting "tire" around the middle.
Ugh, if only I had the motivation to do a million crunches every morning!

 My daughter decided to join in on the fun and mirror mommy;)

My highlights ended up way lighter than I originally I planned, but I ABSOLUTELY love it!! This is how my hair was in my late teens and early twenties and I had missed it.
{Who cares that the grow out will be horrendous!} ;)

So your thoughts?
In the last 10 years, I've been blonde, ugly dishwater brown, auburn, and red.
Can I still pull the blonde look off?


  1. I like the blonde! Don't be so critical of yourself!

  2. You are beautiful! The blonde looks great, but your smile is what really makes you stand out. That last picture is especially pretty! Great shots by the hubs. :)


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