31 August, 2012

My Oh My Perfection

(August 2012 trip home part 6)

When we first made the decision to make the trip up for my brother's wedding, we said we were just going to go to Oregon and that was it. Because of the 17 hour plus drive, (just to where the location of the wedding was,) we weren't going to put our kids through any more miles. Any friends and family from Washington St or Canada, that wanted to see us, could hop in a car and see us in just a few hours if they weren't going to already be at the wedding.

Plain and simple as that. 

We were holding our ground this time....

Ha Ha

Then our friend Julie bribed us with Seattle Mariner tickets.

SO apparently we can be bought.

Especially if there's sports involved.

Little did we know that trip to Safeco Field was going to be one part of our vacation that was going to be an absolutely awesome memory and we were going to be apart of some serious sports history!!


We started out our normal game routine of snapping some family pics and of course taking pics of the field.

(Why yes we did represent our different teams while we were there. We still rooted for the Mariners. Especially because they were playing Tampa Bay and Tampa Bay losing is always a good thing! ;) )

But then in the hustle and bustle of trips to the concession stand and bathrooms, (It was incredibly hot that day and my main concern was keeping the kids hydrated,) we started noticing that something special was going on...(take a look at the scoreboard, if you need to you can click on it to enlarge it.)

We were witnessing a game that had epic proportions going on, but it's baseball. And in true baseball superstitious fashion, you keep your mouth shut and hold your breath...

Until you witness those last two pitches:

copyright mRe images 2012

 And then my friends you celebrate!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not only did we just witness Felix Hernandez of the Seattle Mariners pitch a Perfect Game, we saw the Mariners get their first ever Perfect Game in team history.

That my folks is AMAZING!!

And WE were there!!


 After we stood around in our seats for a bit soaking in the excitement, we all headed behind right field to check out the Dave Niehaus statue and get a picture with it. If you don't know who he is, here is his Wiki page. For Mariners fans growing up, he was like part of the family and he meant a lot to my husband.

Pictured: My older brother, "Dave Niehaus," Julie, and our family!
 What a Day!!

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Stay tuned for all the wedding festivities!

30 August, 2012

Further North we go

(August 2012 trip home part 5)

The day after we had the BBQ with J's Dad and that side of the family, we hit the road again and headed up for a quick stay in Washington St.
We got to J's Mom's house early afternoon and immediately fell in love with the place! She had moved since we visited her last and we immediately felt at home.
It was so relaxing and peaceful, we were sad we didn't have more time to spend with her there.

I'm mean seriously, pull up a chair and open your book (kindle,) have a soda/beer, roll around on the grass or heck take a nap!!

Meeting more cousins!

Turtle's first corn on the cob:

J and two of his cousins: (These 3 were constantly getting into trouble when they were younger!)

Stay tuned for one of the best experiences yet on our vacation!!

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28 August, 2012

That thing about family

(Otherwise known as August 2012 trip home part 4)

We had a little mini family reunion BBQ with J's Dad and family while we were home. We haven't seen one of my husband sisters or either of his stepsisters since 2004/2005. We've missed two weddings and finally got to meet two of our nieces and a nephew!

My Sister in law and our niece:

 Lots of pictures of cousins playing:

And we got to see J man again; twice in one summer, yay!!


My husband's Dad, Stepmom, and little sister:

Mini family photo shoot:

All of us, minus a brother and two spouses!

PS, If anyone recognizes this backyard from previous pictures on this blog, leave your guess in a comment! ;) (If you know us don't ruin it for the rest!)

Still more to come from our vacation!

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27 August, 2012

He is Able

Right now I know I am in the middle of dishing out pre-scheduled vacation posts, but I figured I'd just stop for a moment and give you a real, right now post.

Today was one of the days.

You know.

One of those days where it was so very hard to be a stay at home mom to a 4 yr old and 2 yr old.
One of those days where everything was off schedule and no one listened, and everyone whined, and fighting with each other just seemed like the thing to do.

One of those days where it seems like no matter what I do to work out or eat right, I will never ever look how I want to look.
One of those days where nothing fit right and the fat seemed to bulge even more.

One of those days where cooking dinner was the last thing in the world I wanted to do.
One of those days where when I did cook something it just ended up being a battle to get a certain someone to eat.

One of those days where it seems like I am going to be stuck in a rut forever.

One of those days where I just wanted to go to bed and not do anything.

One of those days where everything was a negative....

There wasn't enough chocolate that could make this Momma smile today.
(And I'm not even PMS'ing)

I share this with you all, only because I know you have those days too.

We all do.

They may be different battles and different circumstances, but it's still the same feelings.

All together now:
It will be ok.

Psalm 119: 49-50
49 Remember your word to your servant for you have given me hope.
50 My comfort in my suffering is this: Your promise preserves my life.

Trip Home part 3

We were constantly on the move on this trip, and even though I wanted to be able to relax a bit more and do some family outings, it seemed like we had lunch and dinner "dates" the whole time. We got to relax at every stop though and most places we went had "friends" for the kids to play with, so all in all it was still a win win.
We have some amazing friends and even though I choose to not dwell on the fact that our kids don't get to grow up together, it does make it a bit tough to say goodbye.

*Please excuse the quality of the pictures; some were taken with either a cell or in poor lighting.*

We had dinner at my friend C's house with her family. We were pretty close growing up also and I had been in her wedding and already got to meet their son, but this was the first time they got to meet our kids.

I lived with another family the summer after I graduated and was absolutely ecstatic when they got in touch with me last minute to meet up for lunch!! It had been probably 10 years if not more since I had seen them! (We missed you Mandie and Dan though!)


I also want to give a big shout and apology to my friend E and her family. We had dinner over at their house two nights before we left to come back home and even though I had the camera with me, I totally forgot to take pictures.
Same with another friend that got married the same day my brother did. Because we couldn't make it to the wedding, we went to her house for lunch the next day to watch them open presents and I totally missed out on a photo op.

There are also others. 
I would like to blame my lack of sleep on the trip or the fact that I was trying to live in the moment, but I pretty much just forgot.
I apparently am an awesome friend.

Stay tuned for more!

25 August, 2012

Trip home prt 2

See first part of Aug 2012 trip home here.

I never liked the term "best friend" growing up. I felt it was abused and I didn't think it was nice to give one friend the title "best" when all of my friends were great.
Now being married I can rightly call my husband my best friend as there is no one to compare him to! ;)

That being said, I have had a extremely close friend since I was 1 years old, (the year she was born.) She knows me better than any of my other friends and we've been through a lot together.
They were going to be gone over the days we were set to be in Washington State, so she drove down with her mom and kids for a quick 36 hour trip so we could see each other and our kids could meet.

It was way too short, but an ever so sweet visit and I am so glad she made that happen!

Here are some pictures:

I've waited 5 years for this picture, (ever since we found out we were having a girl!) 
They are exactly a year apart!


Us with our kids!

Stay tuned for more!