31 July, 2012

We won't get wet!

 We had a barbecue last weekend and had some friends over. While we were grilling, the kids were drawn to the pool (again.) I know my last post covered pool playing time, but this post is mostly for documentation sake.

 The kiddos watching Daddy play a game on his phone:

 Watering the sidewalk of course:

We are in full on prep mode for our trip and my posts are probably going to be kind of short or boring, (if there is any at all,) for the next little while!

I am so excited and apprehensive!

Thanks to everyone that is continuing to send encouragement and reminding me what I need to focus on.


  1. I love barbecues and family time! Have fun on your trip!

  2. that pool looks too good to not play in it!!
    have fun!


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