01 July, 2012

The importance of being 2

Today my baby is two!!!!

I'm not quite sure how we made it to this day, but I won't lie, his second year was A LOT more enjoyable for our family!! ;)

He has a complete momma's boy personality, but for this little boy, Daddy 
 makes his world go round!!!

Just having my husband gone for a few weeks was proof of that. The kid was miserable the whole time and cried at almost every nap time and bedtime. He was even extremely whiny during the day.

But that first night Daddy was back home, not a peep at bedtime and all smiles!!

~You are slowly coming out of your shell and warming up to other people, but you still don't like strangers and that is perfectly fine with us!

You are very sensitive and loving, but you are ALL boy!!!
You love cars, planes, trains, trucks, motorcycles, and especially anything to do with sports!!

Your sister and you have reached a "love to fight" stage and are constantly making sure the other one is following the rules, (all while disobeying them yourself,) 
but you always look out for each other and are each others first best friends!

We love you big guy and can't wait to celebrate your birthday 
with you all day,
Happy Birthday Monkey!!!


  1. Happy Birthday Monkey and keep smiling :-)

  2. Great post!! These pictures are amazing. I love watching the transformation a baby goes through all the way up to age five. Well.... it's amazing to watch their entire life, really. :)


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