13 July, 2012

End of June

I should be napping, but every time I lay down and try to close my eyes, my brain won't turn off. 
 Arggh, I hate that, especially when I'm so tired.
But here I am, making the decision to put up a catch up post instead....

My husband arrived home from 29 Palms on June 28th. My MIL was down here visiting some close friends so she took us all out to dinner the following night.
Turtle had just finished up sports camp that morning, (hopefully we are getting a cd of pics from sports camp week so I can post some of her adventures,) and we were all exhausted from a long week so it was nice to go out for a nice dinner even though we were all tired.

 One of my new favs of the hubby and I: 
{Can you tell I was super happy to have him home??}

~On another note, we've taken me off one of the headache meds that was making me the most "bipolar" and started another less aggressive medication. I have also started physical therapy twice a week for my neck/spine, in hopes that will help with some of my headaches.
{I've had two serious car accidents in the last 10 years that has my spine going the wrong way causing nerve damage and constant pinched nerves. So here's hoping the PT will help a bit...}


  1. PT only works if you stay consistent! Yay for having hubby back! Enjoy your time!

  2. I have been feeling like that, too- like my brain won't turn off. Good luck in trying to help your headaches! I had chronic headaches for several years and it was so frustrating!

  3. Hope your PT works. And that is a really great pic of yall!


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