29 July, 2012

Cooling off

Finally a week and a half ago, we had warm enough weather to bring out the kiddie pool!

(I know some of you who dealt with the heat wave that hit the most of the country, are shocked by this, but for those that don't know, we live higher up in a coastal community and while EVERYONE around us can have 10-15 degree warmer temperatures, sometimes it takes awhile for that marine layer to burn off and it's just too breezy.)

And I am a mean mommy.

So I went two glorious days back to back wearing out the kids for nap time ;) and getting my tan on!

*Please excuse the ghetto looking government housing*


  1. Yay for pool time! Sam would rather sit outside the pool and reach in to play, so we've got a bit of work to do before our kiddie pool becomes "fully functional." lol

  2. Hello- it's not ghetto housing to me! I really loved living in base housing and think your pictures are so pretty, and giving me some very good memories. Not exactly sure where you are and you don't need to tell me, we lived on Boxwood on Wire Mt. and then on Erskine at San Onofre, then later in officer housing on Rupertus also at San O.
    I really liked all that beige stucco and white walls :)

    It is 110 here today, your cooler weather sounds heavenly.


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