24 July, 2012

And Scene/Loving the Little years

Alright, Pity Party over!!

I have been way too sensitive lately and taking things too personally.
I am straying away from one of my beliefs that it's better to have a smaller group of genuine friends, than a whole bunch of fake friends or ones that don't have your best interests at heart.
I've let the competition seep into my blogging life and it's left me feeling inadequate!

I been editing some old old posts lately and it's amazing how "innocent" they were back then because I was focusing on updating close friends and families instead of trying to get more followers.

Thank you THANK YOU to all that commented with encouragement yesterday.
They all meant a lot to me and proved that my friends are the best!!


On another note, I am finally getting around to reading more of a book that a friend sent me last year, and it's really helping to put the tough motherhood years in perspective.

Here is an excerpt:

This is something that I am sure every mother has heard about. You just need a little time to yourself. A long bath, some time to do your nails, getting your hair done, or going shopping for the day. We all need a little time off once in awhile. My husband likes to send me out to go look at yarn or have coffee with some friends. And all these things are great, in so much as they leave you refreshed for the work you do.
Taking a little time for yourself is absolutely needed. I remember the first time that having the twins threatened my morning shower. They just needed me, and needed me, and needed me until it was getting pretty late, and I hadn't gotten out of my pajamas. Then suddenly I had an idea. I would just put them in their crib and take a shower. They could cry for a few minutes, -they were fed, and clean, and they would be all right. I was not fed or clean and I would not be all right. So I popped them in their crib and said "I'll be back in a few minutes-have fun!" and off I went. As I recall I took a speed shower and then read my Bible for a few minutes.
All this to say, I am officially on the record in favor of "me time." It is necessary and fabulous. It isn't good for the kids to have a frazzled and un-showered mother, so by all means get that kind of thing done. Find a way. Turn on a cartoon if you must-it isn't the end of the world.
-Loving the Little Years, Motherhood in the Trenches by Rachel Jankovic


  1. I saw your comment on Tami's blog and wanted to come over and check your blog out. I love it! Sounds like you are a great blogger in that you put your heart into it and want to create real friendships! Sounds like someone I need to follow! Are you on twitter?

  2. I am definitely adding that book to my "must-read" list. I think it's so easy to let our own well-being be pushed to the wayside in order to do what we feel is best for our kids.

  3. I'm a firm believer in that momma time makes me a better momma. when I have some time to do something just for me- I get recharged and am a better wife/mom/person overall.


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